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God as only Truth

Not until the shedding of the last vestige of Maya-created falsehood is God known as the Truth. Only when Maya is completely overcome does there arise the supreme knowledge that God is the only Truth. God alone is real. All that is not God, all that is impermanent and finite, all that seems to exist within the domain of duality, is false. God is one infinite Reality. All divisions that are conceived within this reality are falsely conceived; they do not actually exist.

God is indivisible

When God is considered as divisible, it is due to Maya. The variegated world of multiplicity does not effect the partitioning of God into several different portions. There are different ego-minds, different bodies, different forms, but only one Soul. When the one Soul (God) takes different ego-minds and bodies, there are different individualized souls; however this does not introduce any multiplicity within the one Soul itself. The Soul is and always remains indivisible. The one indivisible Soul is the base of the different ego-mind and bodies, which do the thinking and acting or various types and which go through innumerable types of dual experiences. But the one indivisible Soul is and always remains beyond all thinking and doing and beyond all dual experience.

No opinions or ways of thinking within Soul

Different opinion and different ways of thinking do not introduce multiplicity within the one indivisible Soul, for the simple reason that there are no opinions or any ways of thinking within the Soul. All the activity of thinking and conclusions drawn therefrom are within the ego-mind, which is finite. The individualized soul as Soul does not think; it is only the ego-mind that thinks. Thinking and the knowledge that comes through thinking are both possible in the state of imperfect and incomplete knowledge that belongs to finite ego-minds. In the individual soul itself there is neither thinking nor the knowledge that comes through thinking.

Soul is infinite thought and intelligence

The individualized soul as Soul is infinite thought and infinite intelligence; there is no division between the thinker and the thinking and the conclusions of thinking, nor the duality of the subject and object. Only the ego-mind with the background of the soul can become the thinker. The individual soul as Soul, which is infinite thought and infinite intelligence, does not think or have any activity of the intellect. Intellect with its limited thinking comes into existence only with the finite ego-mind. In the completeness and the sufficiency of the infinite intelligence, which is the one Soul, there is no need for the intellect or its activities.

God the only Reality

With the shedding of the last vestige of falsehoods created by Maya, the individualized soul not only knows its reality to be different from the gross, the subtle, or the mental body but it knows itself to be God, who is the only Reality. In this state the soul know that the mind, the subtle body, and the physical body were all equally the creations of its own imagination, and that in reality they never existed. It knows that through ignorance it conceived itself as the mind or the subtle body or the physical body. The individual soul knows also that, in a sense, it became the mind, the subtle body, and the gross body, and then identified itself with all these self-created illusions.

DISCOURSES, 7th ed, pp. 382-383
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