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DURING FEBRUARY of 1943, the British government announced that due to the war throughout India corn and wheat grain were to be rationed. Hearing this news, Shireen observed to her neighbor, "What is this world coming to? Rationed grain? It is better I die before rationing begins."

A few days later Shireen sent for the tailor, and giving him cloth to make some blouses, she made this odd remark, "I don't know if I'll be alive to wear these clothes." The fact was that Shireen had had a dream and knew that her end was imminent.

On Sunday, February 21st, Shireen fell and suffered a brain hemorrhage. She was rushed to the hospital, but the doctors said they could not save her and that she would not survive. Baba arrived at the men mandali's quarters at eight o'clock on the morning of February 23rd, and instructed Chanji to leave for Poona to help his brothers Jal, Beheram and Adi Jr. deal with this crisis. Baba also warned, "My mother might pass on, so inform all concerned in Bombay, Ahmednagar, and elsewhere, to be ready at any moment for the news." Chanji left on the afternoon bus and arrived in Poona at seven in the evening. Baba's three brothers were at the hospital, watching over their mother.

Shireen was brought back home on Thursday, February 25th, but she was still unconscious. Yet she had a pleasant smile on her face, as if she were watching something magnificent. That night at 9:40 P.M., Shireen passed away, forever merging in the Ocean of bliss, at the age of sixty-five.

Baba received a telegram that night and came directly to Poona from Mahabaleshwar. It was late at night when he arrived, but he did not enter the house to see Shireen's last remains, but instead stood outside at a distance in the lane. Shortly thereafter, he went to Bindra House with Eruch, who had accompanied him. Shireen's funeral was held the following day, and her body taken to the Tower of Silence.

At Bindra House, Baba remarked to Gaimai, "It is good Memo died before I came. Had she not died, I would not have allowed her to die, and she would have suffered greatly."

Gaimai related to Baba that when Shireen had breathed her last, she (Gaimai) had seen many tiny, shimmering, golden hands emerge from Shireen's nostrils and hover over her before floating away. Baba's final remark was: "She is now freed."

Shireenmai! Our Age will always remember you!
How blessed you were to have given birth to the Avatar!
Words cannot sufficiently praise your fortune.
You are the Mother of the Age!
O Shireenmai, our supreme salutations to you!
You will be remembered with Him forever!

Baba and Eruch left for Mahabaleshwar soon after. But two days later, on February 27th, Baba returned to Poona, where he stayed at Bindra House. This time he did go to his home at 765 Butler Moholla, and met with his family, Jal, Adi Jr., Beheram and his wife, Perin. Beheram's and Perin's children, Sheroo, age eight, and Gulnar, seven, loved Baba very much. For a while, Baba played with the two children. He then explained to Jal, Beheram, Adi and Perin: "Memo has come to me and is now fully in bliss. She helped me so much in my work, and after playing her part she has come to me. She was an exceedingly adventurous woman and extremely fearless.

"When Bobo died, she was all alone here in Poona, as you three were with me in the West. Because of her courage, I was able to take the three of you with me. Now, Memo is quite happy and free of all worldly ties." Baba then divided the family's property among his three brothers, according to his mother's wish, and returned to Bindra House for the night.


LORD MEHER, 1st ed, Vol. 7 & 8, pp. 2581-2583
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