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Judith Garbett

Kaikhushru Masa was a jeweller and quite wealthy. Khorshed loved him deeply, and he loved her very much too, for she was his only child. He was rather absent-minded, and liked to stroll by the river there, sometimes playing with local children.

Kaikhushru Masa's brother and others in the family were much against Baba. They were afraid that Kaikhushru would give all his wealth to Baba, so they plotted to kidnap him and make him sign a Will in their favour. They came in a car one day, saw Kaikhushru strolling by the river, and took him back to Bombay where they held him prisoner.

Because he had not returned from his stroll by 8:00 PM that evening, Adi's brother Rustom looked for him, but learnt from the local children that he had been taken away in a car. Rustom said that they must go and find him, but Khorshed said No, Baba's order was for no-one to go away from the ashram, and although she loved her father so much, nothing would persuade her.

Baba was away at this time, and on His return they told Him what had happened. He said not to worry, it was His responsibility. Some time later Baba sent Khorshed and her mother to Bombay to do some work for Him, with the order that they were not to stop anywhere. When passing the house where her father was held prisoner, Khorshed saw him walking on the balcony but could not go to him because of Baba's order.

After being held by his brother for a year, Kaikhushru Masa finally gave in and signed over his property. He was then released, but his health was broken. Baba allowed Soonamasi and Khorshed to bring him to Nasik to give him constant care. Shortly afterward, in mid-January, 1931, Baba came to the house and stayed there overnight. He went into Masa's room frequently during the night, telling the sick man not to worry but to remember Baba.

In the morning while Khorshed and her mother were sitting in the next room and Baba was with Kaikhushru, Baba told Khorshed to sing to her father. She did so, and he died hearing the devotional songs which he loved. Baba said to Soonamasi and Khorshed not to worry about Masa's wealth going to the relations, telling them that He was responsible.

The end of this story is that in October, 1949, Baba sent Khorshed and her mother back to Bombay to live their New Life there while following his orders. They continued living there, and late in 1959 Khorshed heard that her uncle was dying and went to see him. She asked him to say Baba's Name and then he died.

LIVES OF LOVE, Khorshed, pp. 4-5
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