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Adi K. Irani

One pointed devotion to Meher Baba or His work does not imply that one should give up all other work and responsibilities of life. On the other hand, it means that one should be practical and devoted to doing all the things that one is required to do, including looking after his possessions and all those dependent on him.

From the indications Meher Baba has given, it means that one should be attached to all things and beings conducive to a normal life of helpfulness, happiness and honesty. Let these attachments be skin-deep and attachment to Meher Baba heart-deep. All attachments, except to Meher Baba, one day or another, are to be given up whether one wants them or not. But the attachment to Meher Baba will outlive man's life and help him to cross the ocean of life and gain eternal bliss for himself.

Meher Baba places alternatives before you as a novice. His is a game of love with no ceremony of initiation, no lure of proselytizing, no coercion, no foisting, no forcing of ideas or injunctions. He just appeals to your heart and lets His words sink into your logical head — if it is logical and not prejudicial.

The pillars of all His adesh and upadesh (messages and discourses), His behests and His advice, are love of God and love of man, obedience, service and charity. Love is the most common possession of every man. It is the most precious thing of his life. All feel this love within themselves, but very few can rightly direct it toward their release from illusion. On the other hand, it is used, misused and abused in pursuit of sex and greed.


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