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Rumi was so intelligent that he had more brain than all the Pandits of today put together. He wrote a lot of books on spirituality. Once, Shams-e-Tabriz, a Perfect Master came along to Rumi and flung some of his books in a nearby well, but Rumi and the people sitting around him were enraged.

Shams pulled the books out of the well again, but they were found to be dry. Rumi, on seeing this, realised that his books were nothing compared to the knowledge of the Perfect Master; so he himself flung all his books into the well and followed Shams.

Shams-e-Tabriz, though being a Perfect Master, used to play 'Chokhat' (a game akin to draughts) which was his favourite game. Rumi would invariably lose the game. After years with Shams, one day while playing the game Rumi as usual lost and exclaimed, "Ah I have lost again." Shams said, "No, this time you have won it."

That very instant Rumi got God-realization from his Master Shams. God-realization takes only a split second.


LIFE IS A JEST, p. 29, ed A. K. Hajra
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