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Eruch Jessawala

Meher Baba's authority among the masses was unique, and this was well illustrated when Baba once held a darshan programme in a city in which a great number of Brahmin priests thrived on the worthless perpetuation of mechanically performed rituals and ceremonies.

Usually at darshan programmes, the Baba workers in charge would take care to see that one side of the dais on which Baba was to sit would be against a wall. In this city however, no such precaution was taken, the dais was exposed on all four sides and the crowd was pushing with impatience to have Baba's darshan.

After a while the pressure of the crowd was such that the mandali became alarmed for Baba's safety and we prepared ourselves to hold off the crowd even though we were but a handful compared to the thousands in the crowd.

At his point, Baba stood up and gestured to the crowd to step back as if telling them that there was no need to be impatient, that each one would get his or her turn.

Immediately the pressure of the crowd subsided and the thousands remained quiet. Then Baba who had resumed His seat, gestured to me to give a message of the microphone. His message to the crowd was, "I have come to put an end to all rites, rituals and ceremonies" and since Baba had gestured with considerable force, I expressed His message in the same manner.

As soon as I had delivered the message over the microphone, I became concerned that the crowd would become incensed at what I had conveyed and that there would be trouble. But the moment this thought crossed my mind, Baba gestured to me, "Are you worried? Don't be worried!"

The crowd continued to remain quiet and Baba's authority at that moment was unmistakable. With Baba's message no disbelief or animosity could surface and what each person took home was according to his own receptivity.

1985 © Naosherwan Anzar


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