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Judith Garbett

Life did not always run smoothly. Baba would at times be upset by some happening, or lack of obedience, and then He would make His displeasure very clear. In February 1925 for Baba's Birthday celebration Masaji and Dowlamasi did the cooking. At one point a stray dog came by and put its nose into a bowl of curd. Dowlamasi quickly sent it off but it looked very funny with the curd all over its mouth.

Many men and women were there, and although sitting near Baba they were talking and laughing among themselves. Naja happened to walk by and laughed, and it seemed as though she had laughed at a man present, but actually it was at the dog.

Baba Makes An Example Of Naja

Immediately Baba called her, slapped her so hard she fell down, and spoke harshly to her in front of all there. "Why did you laugh at that person? I don't like all this talking and laughing, men and women together. When I am here, people should not behave like that." Everyone became subdued, realising their discourtesy to Baba.

Later, after all had gone, Baba again called Naja, kissed and embraced her, and said: "Don't worry, it was not your fault. I had to make an example. You are my cousin, who else could I use? And now, am I not embracing you?"

Naja had been crying, feeling she was often the one to be reprimanded for something she had not done, but now all was explained, and Baba told her to sit down and press His feet.


LIVES OF LOVE, Naja, p. 3
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