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Bhau Kalchuri

"It is not difficult for me to give a push to the lower kingdoms," Baba continued in His silent voice, "but it is infinitely difficult to give My push to the human kingdom, because in the human kingdom, mind is fully developed. Mind creates more and more darkness. People forget that they are in Creation to experience Light. They take darkness as Light. Their intellect is fully developed, which makes the darkness as Light. Their intellect is fully developed, which makes the darkness encompassing them thicker and thicker and thicker.

"So what do I do? I toss people into the Ocean and ask them to swim. They feel as if they are drowning and tightly catch hold of Me. When they do this, it becomes impossibly difficult for Me to help. I give them a tight slap so that their grip on Me loosens. Then it becomes easy for Me to save them.

"When I give them a tight slap, they suffer. But this suffering helps them, so that they can swim with Me and reach the shore of the Shoreless Ocean. This is the reason suffering in the world goes on increasing, because I am giving My slap to people internally, and they know not why. But I have to take them to the shore of the Shoreless Ocean, so that they may be free from the darkness of ignorance.

"I have to show them the real path to Truth. For that purpose, I very happily create the awareness of Truth in them, so that they may not remain completely attached to darkness. They must have the ray of Light (awareness), so that they may tread the path of Truth and not wander in darkness."


AWAKENINGS, pp. 121-122
2011 © Bhau Kalchuri


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