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During a darshan program at Guruprasad, Beloved Baba said that two souls do not come together haphazardly either in marriage or in birth; and that he had to search the entire universe to bring together the right souls at the right time.

He continued, 'You have no idea what trouble I have to go through to bring the right pair together. Then the couple's child too has to have the right connection with both parents and with Me.'

There are many most fortunate close ones who were brought together so beautifully in marriage and in birth by Beloved Baba. The Talati family was and is one of those fortunate ones.

The grandfather on Dina's side, Aspandiarji Wadia, was a most sincere seeker of God. At a very young age he left home in search of God, going on pilgrimage to all holy places in India. Then he accepted a guru in Rishikesh and stayed with him for a number of years and from him learnt herbal medicine and was offered spiritual powers.

But he did not want powers, and with his guru's acceptance, joined another guru in Benares from whom he learnt astrology and spiritual practices, hoping all the time to be given what he was really seeking, sight of God.

It was not to be, and his guru, after some years, sent him back into the world, saying, 'From all that you have learnt here, you can see for yourself that you will not achieve what you seek, but I predict that your child and grandchild will see Him. Now return and live an ordinary worldly life.'


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