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Meher Baba

Spiritual freedom is essentially a positive state of conscious enjoyment of Infinite Divinity. It does not have to maintain itself through the constant overcoming of any bindings, for these come to be realized as not bindings of the soul, in its essence, but as temporary bindings of the body and the mind, which can in no way curtail the Bliss, Power or Understanding of conscious Divinity.

In other words, the binding, to which the soul seems to be subject, turns out to be no binding of the soul, in its true essence. The binding is realized as only illusory. After the annihilation of the limited mind, the Infinite Consciousness of the Soul, with all its Knowledge, Power and Bliss, remains unaffected by any weaknesses or diseases, to which the body might yield, as a result of natural laws.

The Perfect Ones, who retain normal consciousness and the body, even after realizing the unchanging and absolute Truth, dwell eternally in Divine Love, which transcends all duality and surpasses all understanding. They enjoy abiding and unassailable peace, for they have at last arrived at the final goal of creation.


LOVE ALONE PREVAILS, p. 697, Kitty Davy
1981 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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