Symbols of the world's religions


Part 1


Adi K. Irani

Love is everywhere, but it cannot be felt everywhere. The entire creation, with all its objects and beings, exists because of the cohesion created by love which is all-pervading. Yet we see so little love and so much bitterness around us.

Love, like water, exists in different forms and has different effects. All love cannot be of one caliber and quality. Varied are the grades of love and their expressions. There is love in man, animals, birds, fish and vegetation. Inanimate objects, like metal and stone, also have love.

The way love exists in different entities and is expressed by them differs widely. In inanimate objects, love manifests as gravitation; in vegetation, fish and insects, it manifests are rudimentary sensation; and in birds and beasts, it manifests as developed sensation and instinct. In man, the expression of love is coupled with the faculty of discrimination and a will for the highest manifestation....

As God, Beloved Meher Baba is the Ocean of Love. In human form, He is the personification of God. He is both in One. Therefore, He has the power of attracting man to Himself with the objective of dissolving him in His Universal Self.

Meher Baba appreciates deeply the helplessness of man and He comes as God in human form to express His Love for mankind, for Meher Baba has Love in measureless abundance. He is the gateway through which man, by his human love for God, can enter the pathway to God.


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