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Part 3


Adi K. Irani

It is enough for us to catch Him any bit, any way, anywhere at any time; He is there ready to manifest to us. But small is our love, our thought and our sight, so His vastness may startle us or even shatter us.

He has to be ever cautious not to override our capacity. Let us wait devotedly and patiently. Let us dwell upon Him — His figure, His greatness, His messages, His love, and anything and everything concerning Him — at all spare moments of the day or night. Let us make Him our constant companion and develop an inseparable companionship without which we cannot live.

Let much of Him come to us and much of us disappear. Let all of Him fill us so that all of us can be purged and expunged.

Who is so fortunate to be filled with His love on all sides? We are too narrow, too rigid, too dogmatic, too slow and too hard. Our angularities make us what we are. We abhor being talked about, criticized, advised and, much less, reprimanded. This is a great difficulty with us. Where our faults are concerned, we look upon them with an air of triumph. Where the faults of others are concerned, we look at them with an eye of derision. It should really be otherwise.

But how can we change our view? It will change, but sometimes slowly and with hard experience. A delay in changing becomes expensive in terms of time, work and health. We suffer and Baba-work suffers. We cannot escape change and sit silently doing only that which suits us. Who is to decide this? Should we change or expect others to change?

The best answer is to ask ourselves this question: What would Baba have us do? The answer is given in His message if we read it and live up to it.

How to love Baba is a great question for one who is very sincere. How does one love his mother, a man or a woman, a friend or a son? I dare say none of us has asked the question how this happens. It is because such a love comes to us so naturally that we do not wonder about it.

In the case of Meher Baba, the personification of God, a tall interrogative stands up overhead: How to love Him?

The answer cannot be had by asking but by creating circumstances. We should give ourselves a chance to love Baba by creating circumstances. Any and all methods could be taken up: reading Baba-literature, listening to Baba-talks, listening to others' experiences about Baba and attending Baba-meetings. The most important thing is creating circumstances is to think of Him with love and devotion during every moment we can spare.


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