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F. H. Dadachanji

The greatest reformers of life throughout all time have tried to bring about the blending of East and West to create a family of humanity. The new man will be understanding in his acceptance of the differences of traditions and conceptions of life, exchanging the modern mental culture of the West with the true spiritual life of the East.

After fifteen years of strenuous work in India preparing His Eastern group of disciples, Meher Baba came for the first time to the West in 1931. He laid the foundation of the new phase of His work when He gathered around Him an intimate group of Western disciples and planted the seed of spirituality in the lives of hundreds whom he contacted in Europe and the United States.

In His own words: "I have come not to teach but to awaken." Meher Baba thus qualified His spiritual mission in the world. In fact, He has come to awaken in the heart of man the true experience of spirituality.


TREASURES FROM THE MEHER BABA JOURNALS (1938-1942), p. 16, ed Jane Barry Haynes
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