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Adi K. Irani

One evening at Guruprasad before Baba was about to retire, He walked by the building where the mandali resided. He was en route to the small room where He would go for His night's rest. While passing, a question was brought up. At that time Baba said everything is done by the whim, that we do not do anything.

I said, "Baba, all along You have been telling us that the Avatar does so much: He changes this and He does that. Now You say it is all the whim. Suppose, Baba, for example, that the flow of the whim goes in a straight line. One man is here and another is there. The one man has been in penance of God, praying to Him for a number of years. The other man is one of the greatest rogues and scoundrels of the world. They are in their respective places. Can it happen, Baba, in the flow, in the blessings of the whim, that instead of covering this righteous man it covers the scoundrel and purifies him?"

Baba said yes. I then asked about the men.

Baba said, "You do not know, you fool."

I then asked how I could account for that.

He replied, "You only see the present life of the man who is a scoundrel whereas I see the millions of past lives of what he has done before. Perhaps the righteous man was the greatest scoundrel in his previous lives. So I have to explain that when the whim flows, it knows where to go and where not to go."


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