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Mani Irani

I'm basking in the profound depths of our Beloved's book (God Speaks), the explanations He gives to make us see a glimmer (if only intellectually) of the immeasurable vast pattern of creation which is but a shadow of His Glory. But most of all, it increases our eternal gratitude to Him for awakening our hearts with the divine breath of His love.

How foolish then must man seem who asks Him merely for material benefit, when He can give us such untold treasure. It makes me think of the story of the king who, in a sudden spontaneous impulse, announced to his subjects present in the palace to grab just one thing (anything within the palace) for himself or herself and they could retain possession of it. As you can imagine, there was a wild rush. Some made for the best jewels, others ran for the costliest thing they could see or had set their hearts on, while the king looked amusedly on.

Amidst this mad rush of people who were trying to make the most of their sudden but short good fortune, a slave girl walked quietly to the king and held his hand. Later, the king said, "She's the only one who had sense enough to choose the right object for, owning me who is owner of all this, she possesses all that is mine. She went to the source."

A LOVE SO AMAZING, p. 107, Bili Eaton
1984 © Megan Blakemore Eaton


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