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William Donkin

Last night Baba came down to the men's ashram and played the Chinese card game with all of us: the losers get a little tap with a cane from Baba on the backside; all v. Good fun.

Baba pulls everyone's leg.

His uncle he calls Uncle Fish, says he is 95, eats chillies all day, and has a temper as hot as chillies, and all his teeth in his head; Uncle Fish does not smile while Baba tells this, but looks rather annoyed: he is a good sort, tough, devoted to Baba, and one of the early ones.

Uncle Mama he says is 65 and has no teeth in his head — Baba calls him the universal uncle — he looks a bit like Gandhi's pictures to me, a card of a man to look at.

Dr. Ghani Baba calls his big-headed pig — everyone gets these names from Baba; Padri is the lamp post — Kaka is Popeye; Chanji the monkey, with tail and all — I haven't yet got an undignified name from Baba, but no doubt it will come one day; at least I hope so.


DONKIN'S DIARIES, p. 7, ed Sarah McNeil
2011 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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