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The process of the incarnation of the Avatar is unique. Before taking on the physical body and descending into the world of duality, he gives to himself and the members of his Circle special types of sanskaras which are knows as Vidnyani Sanskaras. The Circle of the Avatar always consists of one hundred and twenty members [and two female appendages], and all of them have to take an incarnation when the Avatar takes an incarnation.

The taking on of the Vidnyani Sanskaras before incarnating in the physical body, is like the drawing of a veil upon himself and his Circle. After taking an incarnation the Avatar remains under this veil of Vidnyani Sanskaras until the time which has been fixed by himself. When the appointed time comes he experiences his own original divinity and begins to work through the Vidnyani Sanskaras, which now have been transmuted into the Yogayoga Sanskaras of the Universal Mind.

To all intents and purposes the Vidnyani Sanskaras are like the ordinary sanskaras of duality, though they are essentially different in nature. The Vidnyani Sanskaras prompt activities and invite experiences which are similar to activities and experiences caused by ordinary sanskaras. But while the activities and experiences caused by ordinary sanskaras have a general tendency to strengthen the grip of illusory duality, the activities and experiences caused by Vidnyani Sanskaras systematically work towards the loosening of the grip of duality. The logic of the working out of the Vidnyani Sanskaras necessarily invites the realisation of the oneness of existence. They are therefore known as a threshold of unity.

The members of the Circle remain under the veil of Vidnyani Sanskaras until they get realisation of God at the time fixed by the Avatar. After they get realisation through the Avatar, the Vidnyani Sanskaras which they brought with them do not constitute a veil, but become Yogayoga Sanskaras, serving only as an instrument for the fulfillment of the divine plan on earth.


DISCOURSES, 6th edition, Vol 3, pp. 47-48
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