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Margaret Craske

Near the close of His 1956 trip to America, Baba with some close disciples and many persons who loved Him and lived in the neighborhood of San Francisco stayed in that city for a few days at a charming Holiday Inn. The building together with a high wall surrounded a garden which contained a small swimming pool, and it was an altogether delightful place.

From there Baba made short trips to visit the homes of many of His Sufi followers who lived in the neighborhood, while other devotees came to the hotel to see Him and feel the warmth of His love.

One morning a woman came to a gate in the wall. She asked the first person she saw if it were possible for her to meet Meher Baba, adding that she felt strongly drawn to Him and it would mean much to her just to see Him.

The girl she spoke to asked rather officiously, "What group do you belong to?" She replied that she did not belong to any group, and was then told by this "know-it-all" that unless she was associated with some group it would not be possible for her to see Baba.

The woman seemed devastated and near tears. Fortunately one of Baba's mandali heard this curious interchange. He immediately stepped in and told her to wait, that he himself would tell Baba of her request to meet Him. This request Baba immediately granted.

After the meeting with Baba, a radiant-looking woman emerged from His room, glowing and happy from her few moments in His loving presence.

Baba then sent for some of His disciples and a few of the other people who were staying in the hotel. He proceeded to ask a somewhat startled Elizabeth if she belonged to a group. She replied firmly that she belonged to no group and saw no reason for so doing. Her only wish was to serve Baba in any way indicated by Him. He then asked Kitty, me and several others the same question, and received the same kind of surprised answer.

Baba then seemed satisfied. He went on to make it clear to all that to find Him no organization was necessary but that love for Him and obedience to His slightest wish could draw one more quickly towards Him than any other way.

Baba at the first sign of a false idea poking its head out of the ground would so often quickly uproot it and replace it with a planting of Love.


THE DANCE OF LOVE, pp. 185-186
1980 © Sheriar Press, Inc.


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