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Darwin Shaw

In Meher Baba's omnipotence and care for humanity, he definitely has the purpose of raising the consciousness of everyone and everything in creation, and in particular of those who love him. So we have to be prepared to grow within his love.

There is a Bible saying, "Unto whom much is given, much shall also be required." [FT Cf. Luke 12:48]. If we wish to draw closer to God, we must be prepared for further effacement and for a purifying process of the heart — an emptying of the heart of all our sanskaric veils.

That can be very extensive, because it challenges the general paradigm that is accepted by everyone: the fundamental misconceptions that the illusory creation is based upon and the spiritual limitations we are brought up with.

So, stopping the veil-making machine is not a matter of armchair theorizing, but work that is up to us to do. Growing pains are involved as we work our way toward God but if we finally get fed up with running around the reincarnation-wheel time and again we are going to expedite the process. Otherwise if we just wait for it to happen automatically, it could take ages. Even if we still want to come back to serve the Avatar, we want to be able to provide a clear consciousness for his use.

But we have to stop limiting ourselves. We have to stop thinking, "Oh, this can't happen. I won't have liberation for many, many lives."

With God all things are possible; He can actually do anything. Meher Baba as Avatar is the incarnation of divine love, and he is above all laws. Nothing can confine or limit divine love, and no law, no set pattern or precedent can restrict him. He is our best friend — and not only our best friend but also our ally, working with each one of us. He has consummate understanding and insight into the sanskaras of each individual, and he really does work within us to expedite our freedom of consciousness. I feel that this is what is going on full strength now that he has dropped his physical body....

Baba means to liberate us, so let us not inhibit his work by saying, "I can't do that now. I'm bound with all these things, and it's going to take ages to grow out of them." Let us not wait for a thousand years more. It could happen at any time. I feel that we have to accept and believe in the highest possibility in this incarnation.

The primary point is that we are spirit, and we need to become conscious of it. To do this, we have to stop the veil-making machine and dare to forge ahead to form a friendship with the Master within. This is something we can constantly work on. Otherwise we prolong our suffering, which is what I believe incarnation really is.


2005 © Darwin Shaw


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