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Do you realize what it means to follow Me? It means to leave all and follow Me. And do you know what it is to leave all? It is to leave everything, even your self, behind you. This means that having left everything behind, you have to follow Me and not run ahead of Me, and to do this is so very difficult because it is so very simple.

If you let your will guide you so that you walk ahead of Me, you become your own obstruction to My leading you, and since you are ignorant of the pitfalls on the way, I have to keep a constant watch lest you fall. What this amounts to is that instead of your following Me, I have to follow you!

I am not limited by form. I am within everyone and within you as the real Guide. So following Me does not mean that you have to leave everything and stay near Me. It also does not mean that you are to use Me as a dumping board for your worries, nor that you are to expect Me to fulfill your wants. It means that you are to be completely resigned to My Will and abide in a spirit of total surrender.

To follow Me is to obey Me and to do as I want. When My Will becomes your way, you are truly following Me, and then you are safe and you are saved. I know the way and its labyrinths for I am the Way and I am the Goal.


THE ANCIENT ONE, p. 167, Eruch Jessawala
1985 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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