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Ivy O. Duce

In 1963 at Guruprasad Baba talked about his weaknesses. With his divinely arch humor, he told a story about his past incarnations and referred to the fact that each Avatar had a weakness. Since Baba is always doing his universal work, and most often works through what seems like play (as he explained about the actual games of seven tiles, etc., that he played with the mandali), he may have been pointing up certain so-called weaknesses which will all be cleared in this particular incarnation. The gist of it ran something like this:

When Zoroaster was attacked by a band of enemies while he was praying, he threw his beads at their leader, who was burned up instantaneously. That was a weakness.

When Sita returned from Lanka, she was reprimanded by Rama even though he knew she was pure and undefiled. That was a weakness.

When Arjuna persisted in regarding Krishna as a companion and would not fight the battle which had to be fought, Krishna showed him his virat swaroop (Universal Form). That was a weakness.

Buddha explained nirvana to his disciples but failed to explain all about nirvikalpa and the states beyond nirvana such as majzoobiyat, sulukiyat and qutubiyat, and that was a weakness, for people today think Buddha regarded the end of the Path as a zero condition (I have a note about this in God Speaks).

Jesus should never have cried on the cross, "My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me!" That was a weakness.

Muhammad never told the people he was God but said he was just another man and that the Koran came from Gabriel. That was a weakness.

Baba ended all this up with: "and Meher Baba has had a weakness in this life but I am not going to tell you about it until 700 years from now!" He added that upon looking around at the world, he wasn't sure he wanted to come back in 700 years and maybe he should make it a 1,400 year cycle!

HOW A MASTER WORKS, pp. 441-442
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