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Najoo Kotwal

Mummy, with Adi, also journeyed south with Baba to Ceylon, where they visited beautiful caves. While they were staying in Kandy, the capital city, Baba took the women around to the places connected with Lord Gautama Buddha, including a Bodhi tree grown from the one under which He attained God-Realization. In Ceylon Baba instructed the women to sing "Hari Paramatma" at 8:00 every morning.

How fortunate our Mummy and Adi were to be able to travel all over India with Baba, east to west and north to south, as He carried out His spiritual work. His divine company was a feast to all those fortunate enough to be with Him on these tours, a nectar that intoxicated everyone to the extent that it made them forget all the hardships the journeys entailed.

Beloved Baba continued to take great interest in our progress at school. Whenever we reached Meherabad after traveling back from school for a vacation, we quickly washed and then reported immediately to Baba in Mehera's East Room, taking our study progress reports for Him to see. Mummy always went with us to make sure we behaved well.

I remember anticipating my first glimpse of Baba seated on Mehera's bed, with pillows supporting His back. We would knock and go in, eager to be greeted by His million-dollar welcome smile. When Baba opened His arms, we would run to embrace Him first, and then Mehera and Mani and the other ladies present in the room.


2006 © Meherwan Kotwal


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