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Wine is good for both health and the spiritual life. It is an intoxicant and tonic for both. If after drinking wine, thoughts are diverted to spiritual advancement, it is a great push toward the Goal; otherwise, it can lead to hell. Wine is such that either it raises you to the highest pinnacle or makes you fall into the deepest ditch.

The main object of intoxicants in the ancient past was spiritual. Seekers then used not only wine but also hemp, heroin, hashish and opium; so much so that even Qutubs would indulge in them. You have heard stories that Sai Baba used to smoke a chilum pipe and Upasni Maharaj smoked bidis. But eventually during those times, ordinary people indulged in these intoxicants for the wrong reasons. They could not understand their proper use and the effects of the intoxication diverted their thoughts to carnal desires — worst of all to lust, the greatest obstacle in the Way.

In the spiritual path, lust is the greatest obstacle. Even the thought of fornication should not enter the mind. That is why I tell you, "Keep your langoti tight," which means to have no lustful thoughts, do no lustful actions, and do not touch or even look at a woman. Lust is so forceful that even looking at a woman can start a man thinking about sex; and thinking leads to action.

Compare the love between a child and his mother; the child plays in her arms and touches her without creating the least thought of lust. But the slightest touch between the father and mother may arouse lustful thoughts in them.

LORD MEHER, 1st ed, Vol. 4, p. 1227, Bhau Kalchuri
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