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Bhau Kalchuri

Now the work of the Avatar during his physical lifetime is to create the great vineyard, and to install the distillery and establish a winery of his work to produce the wine of his love. He sees to it that it is perfect wine for the age with the desired intoxication. Thus he oversees the whole process to make certain the winery of his work produces superb wine for all the world.

When the vineyard is in full bloom, the winery is in full production, the wine cellars are full, and the distillery is producing an abundance of wine, it is time for him to discard his body, for his work is finished. He leaves his form only when he has made certain that the vineyard and distillery will produce wine for all the world, and he makes certain there is enough wine for each one's specific share.

The Avatar always completes his work during his physical lifetime, but the results of his work always manifests gradually, and it takes at least one hundred years to witness the total result. The total manifestation of the wine of love which the Avatar has chosen to offer will be complete when his wine is distributed to every wineshop in the world, and each one has a share and enjoys the intoxication of his love.

In the meanwhile, if certain preordained setbacks occur at the distillery, the Avatar attends to them through his impersonal form. He does that Avataric work in the personal form which requires his physical presence on earth. That Avataric work that can be done through his impersonal formless form, he does after he drops his body. In other words, the Avatar himself works personally during his physical lifetime to prepare the foundation for that work — the vineyard and distillery — but which can be attended to afterward through his impersonal form in the period of distribution....

In other words, he is and remains responsible for all the affairs in the universe and in the world despite his physical absence. The dropping of the Avatar's body announces that his wine is available to all humanity.


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