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Meher Baba

Truth can never be blurred or clouded by the hue and cry, however great. It shines in its own light. Clouds come and go, casting shadows and a temporary gloom. The sun is never distrubed, much less perturbed or affected by the clouds — so Truth is never clouded by false propaganda. Trying to throw dust at the sun blinds the person himself, not the sun.

The majority are misguided and ruled by some self-styled leaders, who seek the limelight by fair means or foul. They do not want the Truth, lest they lose their selfish ends and be out of the picture. So, in order to be in the public eye, they invent lies, concoct stories, distort facts, and, in the name of public service, they present these lies before the public. The public is misled either because they are big names or by the very tricks of the originators, who have the ability to misrepresent facts with sensational talks that influence the weakness of the mass mind.

It is the same all over the world — a game of winning and losing — the inevitable struggle for existence is in all departments and aspects of life. The struggle goes on and on in religion, politics, morality, ethics, business, industry, et cetera, at different times and places, in different ways, according to the conditions.


LORD MEHER, 1st American ed, Vol. 7, Part 1, p. 2477-2478, Bhau Kalchuri
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