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Waryam Singh Sahni

The sahavasees men and women were to have their lunch that day at 11:30 A.M. So Baba instructed them to leave the pandal at eleven o'clock. Baba also urged them to eat to their heart's content, and those departing in the afternoon should board the train with His name on their lips.

Lovers such as Madhusudan, Sunita Thade and Deshmukh's daughter, Jaishree, sing songs to Baba in the pandal. The Poona group then sang the arti, as Baba, holding Eruch's hand, remained standing, moving his right hand slowly to and fro. Those attending the sahavas were drowned in Baba's Ocean of Love, and after the arti, Baba asked all to go for lunch.

The wine of love now burst into tears. One man began loudly shouting. Another elderly man threw himself at Baba's feet weeping, calling both to Him Baba embraced them and reminded them, "To obey me is the real thing."

Adi Dubash suddenly felt giddy and had trouble standing. He was removed to the dispensary for treatment. Baba went to His cabin and at noon, after all had eaten, He came out to depart for Meherazad. The sahavas group formed into two long rows. Baba's lift-chair was carried between them to the road, where He took His seat in the car.

A profound sense of sadness descended on Meherabad, and tears fell from almost every eye. The pangs of separation were His gift to them. He who resided in their hearts, created deeper aspiration to love Him.


BABA'S GRACE, 2nd ed, pp. 82
2005 © Waryam Singh Sahni
All words of Avatar Meher Baba are copyright Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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