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Dr. William Donkin

Azim Khan Baba, a high mast of Muttra, 14th October 1946:

When Baba contacted him, he (Azim Khan Baba) said, "You are Allah; you have brought forth the creation, and once in a thousand years you come down to see the play of what you have created."

Bhorwala Baba, an adept pilgrim of Bhor, January 1947:

He said of Baba, "Meher Baba has in him the whole universe, he is the Master of everyone, and he is within every disciple. He is this world, that which is above it, and below it; he is in me and in everyone. He is the saint of saints; he is Tajuddin Baba; in one glance he sees the whole continent of India."

Chotu Mian, a good mast of Sangamner, 1st June 1943:

He was brought to Meherabad by Baidul. When Baidul met him in Sangamner, Chotu Mian said to him, "Your prophet is very great; he is greater than Christ and Mahomet, and all the world will believe in him."

Gulab Baba, a sixth plane mast of Ellichpur, March 1939:

When Baba entered the room Gulab Baba told Kaka, pointing to Baba, "He (Baba) is God Himself, and you have tricked me." A few moments later, when Baba asked Gulab Baba to sit beside him, he protested, "I am not fit to sit beside him."

Khala Masi, a high mastani of Seoni, March 1939:

She was brought to Jubbalpore by Chhagan, and told Baba, "You are the Ocean, give me a few drops from it to drink."

Mai Saheb, a very good mastani of Sukkur, 17th June 1924:

She asked Ramju who his "Pir" (spiritual master) was. He told her, "Meher Baba," and she replied, "Badshah — Shahenshah" (King — King of Kings).

Nadir Ali Shah, spiritual chargeman of Quetta, March 1941:

He refused to come for Baba's contact saying, "My boat will be drowned in that Ocean."

Nanga Baba, a very high mast, between the sixth plane and the seventh, of Jasgiran, September 1943:

He pointed to Baba and said, "He is my elder brother; he adjusts and protects the whole world."

Sakhi Baba, a good mast of Bahraich, March 1942:

When Baba appeared, Sakhi Baba put dancing bells on his ankles and danced, sang, and cried out, "God has come to give His darshan."

Subhan Mattu, a good mast of Srinagar, Kashmir, 20th August 1944:

He was brought to the house, and when he saw Baba, he rolled on the ground, and cried out, "He is God."

THE WAYFARERS, pp. 151-156
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