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The Will of the Beloved is the wish of the lover. Such obedience is greater than love. It is 100% obedience as described by Hari. Obedience is the one thing in your hands. Love is My Gift. You can obey Me if you take Me as the Avatar.


Kaikobad has experiences. I have none. Kaikobad says, "I am ignorant of Baba. There is a certain feeling that Baba is great. I obey Baba. Suddenly if Baba gets whim, he is pleased. Baba can in a moment make me Him. This is without knowing anything of Baba."

How do you know Baba is Avatar? Mandali reply, "We are all ignorant of it. Baba says so."

Baba replies, "Baba may say anything etc. There is no doubt I am the Avatar. But how do you know?"

"Never pay attention to your failings or weaknesses, good or bad thoughts. If you take Me as Avatar, OBEY ME whatever I say good or bad. If you are doubtful of My 'Avatarhood', don't pretend; it may drive you in a pit.

"Superficial showing of respect is no good. If you believe Me as Avatar and obey Me, it is good. Otherwise if you don't believe I am Avatar, then your bowing etc, is of no use; on the contrary it may drive you down. This is not the first time. I have been warning about this. I have been saying this since ages. 'Leave all and follow me' — this means obedience....

"I will never ask you to cut your child or throw away your wife or child into a well. Don't get upset. I will ask your obedience in one respect. If you have love for Me, repeat Baba's name not less than 14 times with love and serve others selflessly.

"That is,

1) Remember Baba as far as possible.
2) Serve others as far as possible SELFLESSLY.

"Such obedience is greater than love for Me. If you want to be a fortunate slave you carry out the command of the Beloved.

"I say all these to those who live with Me and for Me. If you love Me, you will become Me. I have come to receive your love and give you Mine.

"Worldly-minded persons come for blessings, I have not come for that."


LIFE IS A JEST, pp. 65-67, ed A. K. Hajra
1969 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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