Avatar Meher Baba, Quetta, 1923

A Gallery of Photographs of Beloved Meher Baba

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"To me each and every photograph of Avatar Meher Baba — the Beloved Godman — is very precious. It is a portrayal of the Divine coming amongst us in human form.

True, no photograph or painting can do justice to the Godman who is the personification of love, perfection and beauty. Beloved Baba's lovely hair, His twinkling brown eyes, His warm smile which lights up our world, His slim, shapely hands and the swift tread of His lotus feet, His eloquent gestures and majestic Presence — were all beautiful expressions which spoke more than words of His love and concern for each one.

But Beloved Baba's photographs are a ray of the Sun of His Being, and gazing at them, we feel the warmth, the light, and comfort of His presence. For those who have been with Baba, and for those who have not, Baba's photographs are all the more meaningful now that He has dropped His human form.

This treasure of photographs will be a continuing source of joy to all in whose hearts Avatar Meher eternally resides."


Meherzad, July, 1982

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* Meher Baba at Meherbad in 1925 near his tomb
* Meher Baba at Meherbad in 1920's
* Meher Baba in Bombay during 1930
* Meher Baba's passport picture 1930's
* Meher Baba aboard the S.S. Bremen, New York, 1932
* Meher Baba in Rahuri, October 12, 1936
* Meher Baba in Ahmednagar, 1947
* Meher Baba in Ahmednagar, 1940's
* Meher Baba with Mandali during the New Life
* Meher Baba in Washinton DC, 1950's
* Meher Baba in Europe, 1930's
* Meher Baba in Europe, 1930's
* Meher Baba in Europe, 1930's
* Meher Baba in Europe, 1930's

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