Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

In 1996 GLOW INTERNATION will celebrate its 30th Anniversary. Titled by Meher Baba Himself, the journal was launched in February 1966. When the first issue was sent to Him, He signed it and sent it back to the Editor Naosherwan Anzar with the message: "MY NAZAR IS ON MY GLOW".

Indeed, GLOW INTERNATIONAL has been the medium for Avatar's Meher Baba's Message to the world: featuring discourses, interviews, diary notes, travel journals, questions & answers and autobiographical narratives, illustrated with beautiful pictures.

Over the years it has entered the homes of seekers and aspirants, humanists and psychologists, philosophers and laymen, housewives and homeowners. It has been placed at altars of worship and burned by censors of totalitarian regimes.

Today we position GLOW INTERNATIONAL on the Internet and hope that MESSAGE contained in its pages will touch the hearts of those who seek the Truth.

GLOW INTERNATIONAL is published quarterly from 599 Edison Drive, East Windsor, N.J. 08520 Tel: (609) 426-4375 Fax: (609) 448-5276 Online: Zenocom@aol.com

ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS FOR ALL COUNTRIES (except India): $26.00 For 2 years: $50.00 ($2.00 Discount)

Payments should be made in U.S. dollars only.. Subscribers outside the U.S. may order their copies air-mail by sending an additional $10.00, otherwise all copies to England, Europe, Australia and other countries will be sent by surface mail. Subscriptions are renewed automatically, unless the publisher is advised in writing to the contrary.

Please mail all subscriptions to:
The Meher Baba Work
P.O. Box 10
New York, N.Y. 10185

Subscribers in India send Rs. 150 subscription to:
Meher Nazar
4, Parkland Apartments
13,13/1 Eagle Street
Langford Town, Bangalore
560 025 Karnataka, INDIA

All quotes of Meher Baba are the copyright of Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust.
copyright 1995 Naosherwan Anzar.All rights reserved
Editor:			Naosherwan Anzar
Connsulting Editor:	Freiny Nalavala
Treasurer::		Mahrukh Nalavala
Computer Consultants:	Jerry and Shirla Edwards
Cover: The Silence of Meher Baba painted by Dianna Le Page - May 1995

Cover: A recently discovered portrait of Meher Baba by Rano Gayley - August 1995

Acknowledgements: We acknowledge with gratitude the
assistance of Betsy Mancosky, Louis Agostini, Kenneth Lux, Bili Eaton, 
Betsy Mancosky, Hermes Reiter, Mark Hodges, Joe Stewart, 
Jerry & Shirla Edwards, and the Beloved Archives.

Please send comments about the online version of the GLOW to zenocom@aol.com.

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