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Meher Baba Kilden Scandinavia

Meher Baba Kilden (meaning "spring," "fountain," or "source") serves Scandinavia as a center for information about Avatar Meher Baba as well as a place to meet regularly and share the feeling of the Beloved's presence and love. The group maintains a library of cassettes and videos, as well as a reasonably good selection of books, cards, photos and posters for sale at cost.

Meher Baba Kilden has translated various messages and texts, including God Speaks, Discourses and The Everything and the Nothing into the Norwegian language. These books and messages are now available on the Internet through the Meher Baba Kilden website

Selections are also published in the group's modest quarterly newsletter called Stillhetens stemme (The Voice of Silence), which goes out to people in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

Meher Baba Kilden also maintains the Meher Baba Anthology on its English language website including a large selection of messages, quotes and anecdotes, and the HeartMind Poetry Page with selections of devotional poetry from Baba lovers as well as some links to well-known devotional poets.

Further information is available by contacting:

Eric & Sigrid Solibakke
Meher Baba Kilden
Trosterudveien 25C
O778 Oslo, Norway

Telephone: +47 2292 0961

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