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16th OCTOBER 1985

Judith Garbett

Over the years the women mandali came to Meherabad every two or three weeks for Arti, and pilgrims took the opportunity to be with them. On one of these occasions in 1985 Mani was not able to be present but Mehera, Goher, Meheru, Katie and Arnavaz were there. It was the so-called 'quiet' time of the year with relatively few pilgrims staying at Meherabad, so it was very beautiful being in the Samadhi then.

Mehera called some to place flowers on Baba's photograph. It was New Life Day, and although nothing was mentioned about that, there was a particular feeling, a deep happiness in being there.

When Mehera walked across to Baba's Cabin several went with her and stood inside against the wall. Sometimes she held out a flower to one or another, saying 'Do you want to offer this?' and the recipient happily did so. Then Mehera herself lovingly placed flowers on each of Baba's photographs, every movement radiating her devotion for Him.

Outside again, she smilingly acknowledged those waiting to greet her and allowed a few photographs to be taken — she always liked to know about this so that she could face the camera and not be caught unawares. Then she walked across to speak for a few minutes with Mansari, and finally moved round to the car where the others were waiting. They got in, but Mehera stayed talking with a small group standing outside the East Room door, saying how Baba loved driving — 'fast, fast' He would tell the driver.


LIVES OF LOVE, Mehera, Pt 1, pp. 9-10
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