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47mb jpg Mehera and Baba at Ananda Valley

Mehera and Baba at Ananda Valley in the 1930s.


Mehera's Childhood
Mehera asked me would I be afraid in the forest like that, with wild animals roaring close by.
Early Mehera
Mehera was adamant. Her friends would be there. "I must wear the sari. Otherwise, I won't go!" she declared.
Mehera Sees The Lord
Ganga told Mehera and Freiny, "Merwanji, Maharaj's closest disciple, is coming."
Have You Seen A Man Who Looks Likes This?
Now we go back a little to the time in 1922 when I first saw Baba in Sakori.
Why Don't You Ask Mehera?
They were all discussing it quite hotly until Baba said, "Why are you all arguing? Why don't you ask Mehera what she wants to do?"
So Different From Family Life
He took the ring off His toe and put it on my finger.
We Thought Just Of Baba
Babajan was seated on a seat that Baba had had made for Her after He was God-realised and had come from Sakori.
Those Quiet Early Mornings Were Very Precious
So our lives were very strict, but we had Beloved Baba to ourselves; and how filled with joy we were!
Baba's Moustache
I trimmed the longer side, and again stood back to look. The side that had been longer was now too short! But that was not all. By now Baba's whole moustache was a little shorter than He usually wore it.
In Happy Occasion Of Mehera's Birthday
I remember Baba saying once that it is not so difficult to receive His grace, as to recognize it in the form in which it comes disguised.
Don't Be Afraid, Come On, Hold Tight
He so sweetly guided me in such a way that my giddiness went.
The Dawn Light Was On His Lovely Face
It was just a glimpse for a few second, but the sight of Baba dancing and singing in the dawn light is something I shall never forget.
We Seldom Had a Treat Like This
Baba was very playful, and He loved to tease us!
How We Would Miss His Talking And Singing And Laughing
It was because of Gulmai's fall that Baba postponed the commencement of His silence until 10 July 1925.
When I Finish My Work
He had said that when His work was finished He would talk. So we thought, "Oh, yes, seven days will pass, and then Baba will talk!"
That Much I Can Tell You
"From the first time I saw you I recognised you as My Radha," He said.
Blood Oath
Baba told Mehera never to sign her name again, and he instructed Khorshed to keep the needle and to preserve it as something sacred.
He Was So Intent On What He Was Doing
This time we felt very happy; Baba had taught us what to do.
Each Of Us Was Sure That She Was Right
"White vase?" said Mani. "There was no white vase. It was a lovely brass one."
Mehera Played The Role of Mary
Finally consoled, Naja thus received her answer and from then on began doing her work with all her heart.
What Kind Of People Could We Be?
We planned to take two days to drive by car to Badnera where we would catch a train that would start us on our journey to Kashmir.
You Are Invited For Mehera's Tea Today
After a moment or two standing there with hands folded to Him, Mehera would turn round and walk quickly to the door.
Prasad From Baba's Table
Mehera called us all into the dining room "for prasad from Baba's table."
We Bow To His Image
For seven years the image was very clear and beautiful, but then the bark began to shed and it is no longer clear in the daytime.
Think Of Baba And Say His Jai
Never forget all life's a joke.
Feeling Nice And Safe?
"Baba, I'm feeling very frightened," I told Him.
Most Of All He Loved Humanity
Someone, perhaps it was a reporter in the early days when Baba visited England, asked Baba whether He had ever been in love. "Yes," Baba replied, "I am always in love with humanity."
So Sweet To Hear Him
As Baba walked He began to sing quite loudly at each end of the platform where there were no people, and very softly as He passed us and the others waiting for the train.
Very Surprised By His Answer
One Tommy joke I still remember because Baba enjoyed it so much was this: A teacher asked her students, "Does anyone know where God is?"
A Bird's Eye View
As all four sides of the room were half glass and half wall, it had a bird's eye view of Ahmednagar.
Ring Leader Of A Gang!
Because of all these feelings, my uncle began to publish derogatory articles about Baba in the newspapers and Gujarati magazines.
Mehera's Birthday, Peter Wearing Reindeer Antlers
I can see Sheba (Mehera's lovely mare) going around, picking up her ears for her mistress's voice, for it's nearly her lunch time.
Their Sad Faces Again Lit Up With Joy
All the Westerners were so happy and excited to see Baba again. "Delia found Me," He told them, "so I'm going to embrace only her."
The Full Moon
"Mehera always had a very close affinity for the moon," Meheru related.
Mehera's Birthday And The New Life
Mehera's birthday was celebrated in Mahabaleshwar on Christmas Day, Wednesday, December 25th, 1950.
Strictly Confidential
I had received a confidential letter dictated by Baba with a warning never to mention the contents, particularly to Mehera.
Baba's Love For His Beloved Mehera
This celebration of Mehera's birthday was held on Sunday, 21st December [1980] to enable more people to come to the occasion at Meherabad.
When Will I Go To Baba?
She suddenly noticed that Baba's face had clearly appeared in the bark on the trunk of the tree directly in front of her.
Teardrops Of Joy
Mehera's stretcher was placed before Beloved Baba's chair, and there her body rested till morning, surrounded by large blocks of ice which gave an ascetic touch, a feeling of the Himalayas reflecting her supreme purity.
Mehera's Special Place In Baba's Heart And Work
In regard to Mehera, Mani says follow your heart, which will take you only one place: up the high road to your Beloved Baba.
How To Take Care Of God
Whenever Mehera was called, no matter what she was doing, she replied sweetly, "Yes, Baba?"
Tears Shed For The Beloved
Mehera wept silently for a few moments and then quoted a favorite couplet: "Tears shed for the Beloved are like priceless pearls."
An Internal Beauty
The weather is so cloudy and windy. Mehera's birthday is in four days, and Mehera also is not well.
Into The Ocean
Baba thought about it for a second, then turned to Mehera and said, "If Mehera says yes and learns to swim, then you all can learn. If she agrees, only then can you learn to swim."
You Must Get Married
One day we found out that although P. P. and the mali had two children, they had never been married.
Beautiful Orders From God
In this way Baba showed us how to concentrate; how to think of the right thing. We were so happy to have our own beautiful orders from Baba!
First Pink Coat
Now at night when I think of Baba and remember every little thing that we did with Him, I realize that this was the first pink coat that Baba had worn.
I Just Ran Away
"And now I won't embrace anyone else!" He said.
Her Love For Baba
Her love for Baba outlives every other consideration, and outshines all neglect and delicacy of health.
You Must Love Me As Radha Loved Krishna
"That is love," Baba concluded. "It has to be created. You must love me as Radha loved Krishna."
I Could Feel That Her Love Was So Deep For Baba
She did not say a word. She was either looking down or at Baba all the time, unaware of her surroundings.
She Was The One Who Never Annoyed Baba
She did all Baba's things, but never overdoing it in a showy way.
David Fenster: Staying At A Wonderful House
Baba's message came as a shock, and Mehera exclaimed, "What! Leave this nice house? Why are we leaving tomorrow? Go and call Baba inside."
Such Was Her Love For Baba
She could touch your heart in such an intimate manner, bringing to mind stories of how Baba, when in a crowd of thousands, could make each person feel that He was giving His full attention only to him or her.
To See Mehera For The First Time
The men were called and stood on the ground. Baba smiled and said, 'Say Jai Baba to them.' I did, and they said, 'Jai Baba.'
Listen! Baba Is Singing Too
When it came to the chorus Baba stopped singing all of a sudden, pointed to me, and asked, "What are you thinking?"
Baba So Loved To Walk, Part 1, Part 2
After perhaps half a mile we turned to the left and came across a cool, shady grove of lovely pine trees.
We Were All Women On The Blue Bus
In the Blue Bus we travelled with Baba throughout India from north to south and east to west.
Don't Move!
For the cook to stand at attention was a new style of cooking for us, and we all had a good laugh about it.
Mehera In The Samadhi Early 80s
Her love for Baba welled up so strongly, tangibly filling the Samadhi like a most beautiful perfume.
A Few Words
A few words, and Baba went away! He never had long conversations with me at that time.
An Opportunity To Be With Mehera Again
She said again, 'It is good you have obeyed Baba's wish and come now.'
I First Met Mehera At Guruprasad
It was not until years later at the Great Darshan that I began to realise the significance, the beauty and poignancy of times spent in Mehera's company.
Mehera Always Looked So Nice
In the late '70s and the early '80s there were many, many occasions when she seemed very bright, very relaxed, talked easily, told delightful stories, and laughed quite a lot.
Help Us To Be Worthy
She went to the picture and stroked Baba's hand.
I Felt Almost Alone With Mehera
Soon afterwards when she was telling about her childhood she told me to sit forward so that her voice would reach me.
Mehera Did Not Hesitate To Speak Out Firmly
One morning on the porch she told someone who had put Baba's photo on the floor never to do that.
How Much She Still Missed Baba's Presence
While she was speaking tears were running down her cheeks, but she went on talking gently and in a calm manner.
16th October 1985
She smilingly acknowledged those waiting to greet her and allowed a few photographs to be taken — she always liked to know about this so that she could face the camera and not be caught unawares.
Baba Quickly Came To Her Rescue
Baba's strong grip pulled her up the steep slope.
Help Her First
When an ambulance arrived with a stretcher, Baba would not let them help Him.

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