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Mehera J. Irani

One day I saw Baba coming across the field from the Post Office. His lovely hair, brown and golden at the tips, was shining in the sun, and He was wearing the black Kamli coat which in 1924 had no patches. I was washing some utensils outside our rooms, because we had no running water at Meherabad then, just a tub with a tap on it....

When I saw Baba coming I quickly ran inside to tell my mother, "Baba's coming, Baba's coming! Wash your hands and tidy up."

It was morning time, and my mother and Dowla Masi were cooking for Baba and the mandali. Baba came in and told them that He and the mandali enjoyed their cooking, and that they were to prepare food for two extra people the next day to send it to the Post Office early. Perhaps Rustom and Adi were coming to Ahmednagar for the day.

Then Baba turned around and asked me, "And what do you do?"

I replied, "Baba, anything that needs to be done. I clean the fireplace, sweep the floor, peel the garlic, wash the rice and dal, Baba, and wash the dishes, too."

And Baba said, "Good, I am happy. That is serving Me."

A few words, and Baba went away! He never had long conversations with me at that time.


MEHERA, pp. 47-48
1989 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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