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David Fenster

Mehera unpacked Baba's things from his sack, in case he wanted a glass of water, or to wash or shave. Everything must be ready. She removed Baba's soap, towel, and mug; then she and the others opened their sacks and removed their toiletries….

Goher found a small electric hot plate. She plugged it in, and Mehera heated water for Baba, since he did not like to drink cold water but preferred it lukewarm. The hot plate would also be convenient to heat Baba's shaving water, without having to go to the kitchen, which turned out to be some distance away. Mehera was happy that they would be staying here; she was looking forward to having a leisurely bath and washing her hair. The others too were pleased with the place.

But then Goher was summoned by the men and, when she returned she said, "Do you know what Baba is saying? He said, 'Don't unpack too much. We have to leave tomorrow! We have to go from here.'"

... Baba's message came as a shock, and Mehera exclaimed, "What! Leave this nice house? Why are we leaving tomorrow? Go and call Baba inside."

When Baba came, Mehera told him, "There is running water here, nice bathrooms.... It is a lovely house. We have so many things to wash. We want to wash our clothes, wash our hair, and have baths. This place is just right. Everything is so convenient. Why are we leaving tomorrow? Can't we stay at least two or three days? One day won't be enough. We have to wash your things also. The laundry takes time to dry."

Another reason for Mehera's request was that she knew, once they left, it might be a long time before they stayed anywhere nice.

Baba listened and agreed. "All right," he said. "Wait. I will go outside and ask." He talked with Kumar and the men companions, and it was arranged. Baba came and told the women the good news, and they were relieved.

"Baba gave us a taste of everything," said Mehera. "After having no roof over our heads and being cold, walking for miles while hungry, wondering when would there be at least some rice and daal ... Now we had somewhere convenient. After being so cold and hungry, now we were staying at a wonderful house."


MEHERA-MEHER, A Divine Romance, Vol 2, pp. 492-493
2003 © David Fenster


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