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Eruch Jessawala

The other day someone was asking me, "Why don't you speak out when you see someone doing something wrong?"

I said, "I do."

But the other person insisted, "No, I see people over here and they're not behaving properly and you never say anything to them. You always treat them so lovingly. How will they learn if you don't teach them?"

"Who am I to teach others?" I said, but this person wasn't satisfied. But I tell you it's true. I feel it, I know my own weaknesses and I know I am in no position to try to teach others what to do. Of course, we do say things. If I see someone doing something which I feel is going to harm him, then I will say something. If I knew that someone here was taking drugs, I would take him aside and tell him he shouldn't do that. I would consider it my brotherly duty to say something. But if it is something minor, then who am I to say anything?

And more and more these days I feel that it is Baba doing everything. So how can I speak out, when it is Baba doing it? Every now and then someone will do something and it will bother me and I will blurt something out. You know my nature, I have a hot temper, and every now and then I will explode and say something. But it is Eruch who is blurting these things out, not Baba in me. My speaking out is my weakness, so how will you learn from my display of weakness?

And what is there to learn anyway? Baba has revealed to me that already within everyone, the Truth is. It is not a question of learning this Truth, but of unlearning all the falsehood we are accustomed to believing and what is this falsehood but our own selves?


1995 © Eruch Jessawala


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