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I Would Have Given Him Two Or Three Slaps
He stood close beside me while he was chatting, then very stealthily he reached his hand into my pocket and pulled out a note.
One Of My Treasured Memories
So I sat in silence gazing at Baba, and He sat in silence staring at me.
Loss Is Gain
"The question should not be 'What have you gained by being with Me?' but rather, 'What have you lost?'"
I Was Only Testing You
Do you see how big and strong I am? For nearly two hours you have been abusing Meher Baba.
I Seem As Though I Know Nothing
"... but know well that I know everything."
We will discover His act of Compassion in every breath we take and in anything and everything we undertake because our very life is sustained by His Compassion.
Baba's Eruch
Beloved Avatar Meher Baba fulfilled His promise to Eruch B. Jessawala on 31st August 2001 at 2:31 a.m. when He gave Eruch His hand and pulled him out of the muck of illusion to live eternally in Him.
To Dance To His Tune
You cannot make rules for the Avatar. Do not try to limit Him by saying He always will do this or He will always do that.
Baba's Eruch (excerpt)
Baba gestured to Eruch that it was too far and too hot [to walk] and why couldn't they cross the inlet waters in one of the dug-out canoes that the fisher boys used to haul the catch.
He Is It
So if Baba is everything, then He knows everything. He doesn't have to study anything. He doesn't have to think about anything because He automatically knows it because He is it. You see?
Taj Mahal
This is the story that I told Baba that day when he needed a respite from his work. Baba was very pleased and touched with the story.
Eruch Dreams
The next night Eruch had a second dream, and this time he used the word 'horrifying' to describe it.
Will You Swim In My Ocean?
One day Baba asked him, "What do you want to become?" Eruch replied that he wanted to study engineering at the college in Benares.
By Your Grace Everything Is Possible
Suddenly Baba said: 'If I were to ask you to leave everything behind and come and stay with Me, is it possible for you to do that?'
How Real Lovers Remember Him
Seeing Eruch do this touched my heart and made me realize how great and spontaneous his remembrance of His Lord was.
Who Am I To Say Anything?
I know my own weaknesses and I know I am in no position to try to teach others what to do.


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