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Norina Matchabelli

When in deep spiritual communion, I receive from the Master a commandment as follows:

Surrender all resistances of illusions in order to let me live in you and all as the Truth.

In diverse forms and varied Rhythms, I live in each and all as the unfolding love.

You can not all be physically near me all the time.

You may have to be sent out in the world to help others.

By serving humanity, you will internally come to me all the more.

You may have to make great sacrifices to do my work in the world.

But do it with joy and enthusiasm accepting it as my will.

Learn to forgive those who do wrong you.

Have patience with them.

Learn to have tolerance.

Love them in spite of their faults.

One day, they all will have to be like me.


NORINA'S GIFT, pp. 108-109, ed. C. Wilson & C. Haynes
1997 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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