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Mehera J. Irani

In the Blue Bus we travelled with Baba throughout India from north to south and east to west. We were all women on the Blue Bus except, of course, for Baba, Who sat with us, and Eruch and Kaka or Dr. Donkin who sat in the driver's compartment. The other men mandali travelled ahead of us by train and made the arrangements for our stays at various places.

Sometimes there were up to thirty of us Eastern and Western women in a bus built to carry only sixteen. Everyone was packed in very tightly. There were even small stools in the aisles for the younger ones, like Meheru, who joined us during her school holidays, to sit on. Arnavaz and Nargis and other close ones joined us too, when they could. Baba would then arrange for extra cars to hold us all, but they often broke down. Then even more people than usual had to be squeezed into the bus....

While traveling Baba did His mast work continuously. Baba never spared Himself and, on top of that, He had the great strain of seeing to the arrangements for so many different people with their different moods. And when we settled in a place like Bangalore or Ajmer, Baba would set up a mast ashram.


MEHERA, p. 130
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