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C. B. Purdom

There have been many periods of seclusion in Baba's life, some for long periods, but the seclusion upon which he was now to start was regarded by him as 'The Great Seclusion' because of the work to be accomplished. He had been referring to it months beforehand, telling the mandali to be alert and watchful about every action. It was work of preparation, in which he was to be actively averse to the buried past and carefree of the unborn future.

The seclusion took place at Meherazad. Baba selected a small space occupied on three sides by the buildings, the fourth side being closed with bamboo matting. In this space the body of the motor bus, already referred to, was mounted on empty oil drums, fixed in brick and lime. There he spent forty days, from 22 June until 31 July 1949.

The daily routine was carefully detailed, with time-tables, duty charts, and instructions for emergencies. All, with a few exceptions for practical reasons, were ordered to observe silence and to fast, including Kaka who was to wait upon Baba in the enclosure, being called by a bell.

On the 21 June Baba called the mandali and his local disciples at 7 a.m. to participate in what he called the purification ceremony, which consisted of recitations from the sacred books, Baba freely commenting upon each recitation. He said:

These are all different approaches to the one Truth, God, and the purpose of each book is the same. These approaches are of two kinds, direct and indirect, or personal and impersonal; but the same end is reached by either way. What can be received in a flash by spiritual experiences takes ages to grasp by the mind. I have reasons of my own for this seclusion. It should not be looked upon as a time of meditation, for I am free in every way; but I am going to get myself bound voluntarily. I shall intensify my silence and will not allow the least sound from my mouth.


THE GOD-MAN, pp. 160-161
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