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Christopher Wilson and Charles Haynes

By 1946 Norina's health had deteriorated rapidly. She suffered from an enlarged heart and high blood pressure, but the affliction that affected her life most deeply was severe depression. Her activities came to a near-standstill. Baba called her and Elizabeth to India in 1947, where he paid special attention to Norina's condition, making sure that she received plenty of rest and did not become agitated, since excitement always worsened her delicate physical and emotional state.

In 1948, Elizabeth had to leave India for a period.... Norina, remaining in India, wrote her the following letter:

"Don't get stuck at old memories — however remember that during the seven years of tribulations shared and endured in good comradeship, we have gained one thing in common and that is to be head and heart surrendered to Him who is our COMMON GOOD IN THIS EARTH of shade and light.

"The fact of my illness should be well understood by you — being sensitive as you are, you see deeper than the other dear ones who shared in the temporary despondency and depression in my life. When I asked Baba that he should explain his mysterious deep way to work in the heart and head of the disciple who has given the life to him he said: 'Don't worry, I shall give them all explanations in time and in my way. They will understand. I shall explain the dark journey of the soul.'

"When I arrived in India harassed and uncertain whether I should live and die for this world and all over again, and whether I could ever enjoy the fruit of all the suffering thru HIS GRACE . . . he said these words pointed out on the board and some of these statements were cabled to me to the U.S.A.:

'You must lose in order to win

'You have lost something to gain everything

'Thru MY LOVE you shall be redeemed and resurrected

'I am the OCEAN that absorbs all that is impure and pure as well.'

"When I was crying having lost hope to ever be rehabilitated in my old conscience HE smiled and passed onto me LIGHT which is the EMBRACE OF LOVE that passeth all understanding.... He revealed to me the deep significance of it all. His embrace when He opens His arms as the father, mother and Christ can not to be described. It is the LIGHT in its eternally merciful play giving mercy compassion. Real feeling of TRUTH is LOVE that he can make us experience. He often repeated in those heavenly peaceful and comforting days at Satara:

'Forget everything — Nothing is — all is wiped out! Live for ME! OBEY IMPLICITLY TO ALL I SAY AND ORDER. LOVE ME.'"


NORINA'S GIFT, pp 35-38
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