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Meher Baba

January 11, 1939       

Dearest Leyla,

The Christmas cable of love from dearest Kimco pleased Me very much. Tell Shalimar so, but that I was disappointed not to receive a letter from her. All witnessed the unpacking of the Christmas hamper which arrived in perfect condition. We had great fun guessing what the packets contained. "Bay rum," said one when the sweets were unpacked. How pleased to find sweets which all could enjoy! The Snow White records have already been played many times and enjoyed.

The packets of cards you sent for everyone I distributed with My own hand and the girls thank you very much and send their love and good wishes. They often speak of the days in Cannes and the happy evenings spent playing charades.

Tell your mother I am so happy she is planning to take a house outside London. It will be good for her and for your health, too. I send her all My love and blessings. I know how much she loves Me and how difficult life is for her at times. But I will help her always. She must not worry over money or the fear of war.

I will look after all who are Mine wherever they are. Just keep on loving and think of Me. Long for what is real. You will then have no time for worrying over what may never happen. Truth and love, which are one, you will find and they will give you permanent happiness. Both are expressions of the One God who is in all and behind all, your Beloved Baba.

You will receive shortly an account of our travels up to the present. The actual tour starts on the 15th of this month, when we leave here and go direct to Benares. Later we go to Kashmir, stopping at Ajmer, Delhi, and Lahore on the way. Karachi we visit on our return. Life is not easy for the group. They see very little of Me. But this is not a holiday trip. I have great work to do and they have all much to learn. Life is a school wherever you are. This, too, you are finding.

I teach all whom I have chosen and you, dearest Leyla, are doing your utmost to respond to My works of love. You are right when you say you have much to learn and experience. I will see that you have the experience you need. Half the battle is won when you can face up to yourself as you are doing and can see the false from the true. Truth is within, but is hidden by this false ego. I, the Divine Sculptor of all hearts, will mold the "Perfect One," Myself, whom I love in all.

All My love, dearest Leyla. Two years will soon be up! Keep bright and happy for the sake of your Beloved. I feel every sad thought of My "Kimco" who are forever My heart.



THE OCEAN OF LOVE, pp. 117-118, Delia DeLeon
1991 © Meher Baba Association


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