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Mehera J. Irani

And one day Baba very sweetly decided to give us a special treat, so He took us to see a play! The theatre was small but very lovely with plush velvet seats, and I remember that we sat in the dress circle.

Now the point of this story is this: During the play I noticed on a table on stage a beautiful white alabaster vase. There was something about its shape and colour that appealed to me. When we got home I commented to the girls, "What a beautiful white alabaster vase that was on the stage."

"White vase?" said Mani. "There was no white vase. It was a lovely brass one."

"No, it was white," I told her. "I'm sure, because I admired it so much."

"So did I," Mani replied, "and it was definitely brass."

"No it wasn't. It was white alabaster," I insisted.

"No, I know it was brass!"

So we had a friendly squabble, and each of us was sure that she was right.

Now Kitty did not have our restrictions, and she was free to come and go in the town. The next day she disappeared for a short time, and on her return she told us that she had been to the theatre to inquire about the colour of the vase. Like that she was very kind and thoughtful.

"Who was right?" we eagerly asked.

"Well," Kitty told us, "the manager said that for one half of the play there had been a white vase on stage, and for the other half a brass one." So we were both right!


MEHERA, pp. 180-181
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