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Eruch Jessawala

"I know one thing," the visitor repeated, "and that is, there is a party coming here and the head of the party has ordered me to bring these things."

"But how did he order you? Did he write to you or anything?" Keki [Nalavala, father of Naosherwan Anzar,] asked.

"No. But isn't he coming?"

Keki was clearly puzzled by the man's unusual replies and continued to enquire why he was making all these strange statements.

Finally the man explained. "I have had such a vivid vision, so realistic that I have been compelled to act on it and I have come a great distance from Aligarh [to Dehra Dun]. I have been told to do this."

However, Keki kept on refusing the offer and managed to persuade the man that they could continue the discussion the following morning. The man turned out to be Todi Singh, a well-to-do supplier of cream to a well-known English firm which manufactured butter and cheese, and as a result of his vision he had brought several cartloads of a variety of enticing food for Baba and His party even though he knew nothing about Baba.

The next day when Baba arrived He enquired of Keki, "Any news?"

"There's a headache," replied Keki.

"What's the headache?"

"There is a man insisting upon our accepting so much of all kinds of things — butter, grain, dried fruit, vegetables."

"Allow him to come in."

When the man was told that the head of the party he was in search of had come, he exulted, "Didn't I tell you that he was to come here?" and as soon as he entered the room and spotted Baba, he pointed to Him and said, "He is the one who ordered me."

"What have you brought?" Baba asked him.

"All these things," he answered.

"And do you think," Baba replied, "that we have no other occupation than to consume all of these things? Who is going to cook all this?"

"Oh, my family will be very pleased to cook for you. My wife and daughter will do it."

Baba then asked Todi Singh to bring his family to Him and within a short time, the companions who had been subsisting on the fare obtained by begging, were being served the most delicious repasts by Todi Singh's family who eventually came to know who Baba was.

Todi Singh himself became a most devout lover of Meher Baba and spent the rest of his life and his fortune serving Baba in his own special way by opening a free kitchen where everyone was welcome.


THE ANCIENT ONE, pp. 61-62
1985 © Naosherwan Anzar


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