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Mani S. Irani

In this wondrous dream which I related to Baba, I was visited by a beautiful red Goldfish. I was standing in a room at Baba-House in Poona. There was no furniture, but both the doors leading into the room were open. High up from the left door a Goldfish came flying in, her fins moving fast. Turning, she paused in front of me and conveyed clearly that she was extremely thirsty.

My younger brother Adi was in another room and I called out to him, "Adi, hurry up and bring me a bowl of water." He brought water in a lovely bowl of natural coral and handed it to me without stepping into the room.

I held up the bowl and offered the water to the Fish. With her fins still moving rapidly, she tilted herself and dipped her mouth into the bowl, drinking the water to the very last drop. She appeared most satisfied and happy. Then flying very close to me and holding my head with her fins, my celestial friend kissed me on the forehead.


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