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Bhau Kalchuri

On August 19th, Baba repeated the same instruction, "to stay close," as they went off to see the Lido, a fashionable beach resort. Baba had ordered them not to swim there, but since the weather was quite hot, Quentin Todd and Mabel Ryan requested Baba's permission to do so. He grudgingly gave it. They left Baba for nearly an hour and returned only to discover that he had left with some others.

Baba was in a disappointed mood. When everyone had returned to the hotel, he shook his head disapprovingly and spelled out, "The East is east and the West is west! The East is ready to sit at my feet, but the West wants me to be at their feet!

"I wanted the West to work for me, but now I have to change my plans and not make use of any of you. I cannot expect the West to behave like the East. It is not your fault. Although you all love and adore me, you just cannot do it. I shall have to work in another way. I will do whatever I have to do, but all at once and in a quite different manner."

Baba concluded, "You may rest today, but be with me the whole time tomorrow." Baba's words had a great effect on them. He then directed each one to retire to their rooms, where Delia and Margaret burst into tears. Baba came and quickly consoled them; he made them laugh and smile again, but only after teaching them the valuable lesson of constant obedience.

At night, they went to watch the crowds and listen to a concert in Saint Mark's Square. Baba remarked in a cryptic tone, "I was here six hundred and twenty years ago."

He sadly added, "I am eternally crucified. When the burden is especially heavy, I sometimes let my disciples share it, giving to each as much as they can bear." His mood changed and they went to see Charlie Chaplin's movie "The Gold Rush".

In Venice, Baba gave each of his lovers an Eastern name: Audrey — Shirin; Mabel — Phiroze; Delia — Leyla; Margaret — Zuleka; Herbert — Sudama; Minta — Shalimar; Kim — Ayisha; Todd — Narad; Kitty — Saroja; and Zilla — Mumtaz. For years afterward, Baba would always address or refer to his close ones by these names; they, in turn, would sign their letters likewise. Norina was later given the name Nurjehan; Elizabeth — Dilruba; Anita — Ch-chulee.

ON AUGUST 20th, accompanied by Baba, Herbert left at 2 P.M. for the train station by gondola. Baba instructed him to go to Warsaw, Poland, to contact the agent identical in appearance to the old man seen in Santa Margherita. When he got to Warsaw, Herbert had a difficult time finding this old man, having missed seeing his twin. Searching high and low, he finally spotted a beggar who fitted the description given him by Baba. As Baba had instructed, Herbert handed him a few coins and left enough money for him to purchase a new suit.

Soon after, Baba took a ship from Venice to Alexandria, Egypt, with Kaka and Chanji. Seeing Baba board the Ausonia at 4 P.M, his lovers wept sadly at his departure. The moment the ship sailed away, Baba's eyes filled with tears. Kaka and Chanji had never seen Baba so sad over a departure. His English lovers sent a cable to him on board ship, and Baba pressed it to his lips and eyes, wetting it with his tears. Baba's eyes remained wet with tears until he retired that night at ten. As if in agony, Baba spent a restless and sleepless night, and Kaka and Chanji wondered why he should suffer so. What sort of love could cause the Master of Bliss, who is above all worldly happiness and misery, to be so restless. How great that love must be!

For the next three days, Baba showed no interest in meeting anyone or going for a walk around the ship. He constantly remembered each one of those left behind and their ways. He spelled out on the board: "Kimco, my heart. How they all love me!" And he dictated this short rhyme to be sent to them:

"Kimco, my heart, now as ever and ever as now.
How I love you! How I miss you!
Just wait four months when I come and kiss you!


LORD MEHER, 1st ed, Vol. 5, pp. 1702-1703
1990 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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