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Meher Baba

November 5, 1938

Dearest Leyla,

So you received a cold letter of welcome from your darling Baba. That was too bad. But have you not misunderstood My words?

It is true that I need no disciples here or elsewhere. I can do My work alone through the heart of man without choosing a few selected ones. But in this Avataric period as in the time of Jesus, I chose to live in close contact with Me (either here or elsewhere does not matter) those who have been with Me from ages past and who love Me deeply and whom I have loved since eternity.

Still this does not prevent My saying, "I can carry on My work without you." All of you could leave Me, but the world would go on. It would be harder for Me — it would be a crucifixion but nevertheless the work of love would not suffer. Nothing can stop God's work. If My own refuse or disappoint Me, I must get the work done through some other medium.

But I would suffer, so My faithful Leyla must never let Me down, but stick it right to the bitter end, whatever hardship may be in store. Why did I call you the "Faithful Leyla?" Not for no reason.

You know, in spite of what you say in your letter that nothing can separate you or all mankind from Me, because I am in all and God cannot be separated from Himself, can He? But as I have so often explained, that just as the eye or the ear may be more useful and necessary to a man than, say, his sense of smell or touch, so some are more necessary to Me for My present work than others. I say now as always, "Kimco is My heart and will remain forever My heart" wherever they are and you know the value of the heart to the body. Without it man in the human form could not exist and I too without My heart would feel part of Me was missing. Have I not shown you many times, both in the past and now, how deeply I love you and I know how much you are capable of feeling My love at certain moments, when I wish it so. I know the inner growth of each. Must I further demonstrate My love to convince you? Where would your faith come in?

Your third point, are you as I made you? The sanskaras you have I gave you to work through for My work, so it is true to say you are as I made you, but the goal still remains for you and all to attain perfection through duality. Remember MAYA is My shadow, so indirectly is Me, too, and is the means by which the soul, divine though it is, but unconscious as yet of its divinity, must become conscious of its oneness with God.

Herein lies the riddle of the Universe and My game, too. Perfect you are because soul is always perfect, being God, but it must wade through duality to attain conscious perfection. And as My Circle is already God-Realized (but the curtain being drawn, are unaware of it), I give them, at the appointed time of birth, these sanskaras to work through. Now is it clear? And how can you help in this game of Mine? By love and service. By control of your mind and moods and, yes, weaknesses which are there for the purpose of exercising control over them. Often the greater one's love, the greater is the tendency to moods, because the pangs of separation are more acute. But I do not like moods and therefore to please Me, which is one of the best way of showing your love for Me, try your best to overcome them.

Now cheer up, My faithful Leyla. I love you as always and you love Me infinitely more than you used to. I will come to the West soon, that I promise you and let Me see you looking plump, well, and happy. A joyful heart will help you most to get strong.

All My love,


THE OCEAN OF LOVE, pp. 112-115, Delia DeLeon
1991 © Meher Baba Association


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