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Part 1


Mehera J. Irani

In September 1941 we left Meherabad for the last trip in the Blue Bus.... There is quite a long story about our stay in Karwar. Mani, myself, Katie, Kharman Masi, Valu, Kitty, Rano, Margaret and Irene Billo, and some others were there with Baba for ten days. We stayed in a very new house a little way from the town. It was a rather ordinary house, but convenient.

One day Baba took us for a morning walk. After perhaps half a mile we turned to the left and came across a cool, shady grove of lovely pine trees. They had very fine needles instead of leaves, and the ground was covered with these needles which were very soft to walk on. We followed Baba through the grove, and came to a beautiful beach. It was not a straight beach, but part of a lovely bay, so the waves broke very gently on the shore.

"How lovely it is," Baba said. He turned around, and Baba Himself looked so beautiful by the sea. We all gathered around Him to admire the view. He told us, "You can all do what you like ... talk together or walk or whatever."

Baba walked very, very fast and went far away, and we stood talking together until He returned half an hour later. Baba so loved to walk.


MEHERA, p. 141
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