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Judith Garbett

I first met Mehera at Guruprasad, Poona, on 31st October 1962, the eve of the East-West gathering. It was in Baba's presence, and just a few minutes after I had met Beloved Baba Himself for the first time. With Mehera were Mani, Goher, Naja, Rano and Meheru.

Our small group of Australian women spent only a very brief time with them but it was very sweet, the more so because it was totally unexpected — we had not thought to see them at all. So the quiet introductions to one another, the few words of greeting, the gentle embraces, all had a very special quality, and my memory of those moments is still crystal-clear.

Indeed, how could it not be so, because this most wonderful occasion of my life — this meeting Beloved Baba and His dear ones — set the whole pattern of my existence from then on, brought me love and sweet companionship such as I had never before known, and opened avenues of enjoyment in daily living never dreamt of or aspired to.

There were two other occasions during the East-West Gathering to see Mehera. On the first afternoon after being drenched in the sudden rain-squall, all the Western women were called to the women mandali's quarters for changes of clothing. However, I was too shy, too overwhelmed to avail myself of this, and simply stood at the back of the room watching the others, so I didn't actually speak to Mehera then.

Finally, on the last afternoon when we were called to say goodbye to Mehera, she had a number of small items spread out on a bed from which she selected something to give to each of us in turn. My gift was a tiny photo of Baba sitting inside the house at Mahabaleshwar feeding carrots to the small horse Begum, and I still keep this among my special Baba treasures.

Everything about the East-West Gathering was so momentous for me — meeting Baba for the first time and being in His presence all day each day was an experience not easy to describe. Yet I know, looking back, that I never felt lost or out of in any way. The focus was always on Baba, and time stood still in His presence.

The brief meeting with Mehera and the women mandali was also a very special part of it all, but it was not until years later at the Great Darshan that I began to realise the significance, the beauty and poignancy of times spent in Mehera's company.


LIVES OF LOVE, Mehera, Part 1, p. 3
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