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Mani S. Irani

December 27, 1954       

Dear Kitty,

Mehera was very happy to receive your loving message, and wants me to be sure and convey her fond thoughts to you. We often think of you, and she was happy to greet you among her birthday wishers on the 25th (we made a very colorful Kitty 10" high with the "Happy Birthday" sign in her hand — so you see you were with us specially on that day). According to our Gujerati calendar (which does not observe the leap year) these last two years Mehera's birthday has been on the 25th so we've had a sort of double celebration. Owing to Baba's 40 days programme of three stages of fasting we do not feel we had the heart to celebrate at all, but as you know, Baba loves gaiety, and what with Mehera's birthday on the same day [as Christmas] we were hectically busy the last few days making paper caps and a huge Cracker (in which to put them with the jokes), an enormous Christmas stocking for Baba (with books), a lovely little Christmas tree, etc. On 24th evening Naja dressed up as Santa Claus and my Peter came in dressed up as the reindeer, with horns and all (he doesn't mind being dressed up, in fact he really enjoys it for he loves to show off).

Actually, contrary to our anxiety, Baba stood the fast very nicely and is as active as ever. But with the extra amount of intensified work He puts in, He looks very tired sometimes. For these 40 days the mandali are keeping up (in relays, night and day) a constant nonstop repeating of God's name. From the 21st we have been allowed to share a little better — one meal a day and two cups of tea or coffee twice a day. Yes, Margaret's books are welcome, and her last two came in time for Christmas and went into the Christmas stocking. With His fast and the concentrated and intensive working, they are useful as relaxation (I read them aloud as we used to do in Meherazad, and Baba sits relaxed often with eyes closed and His fingers moving rapidly as if He was "writing" or sending messages like they do in code (I mean that is what it looks like).

I can see Sheba (Mehera's lovely mare) going around, picking up her ears for her mistress's voice, for it's nearly her lunch time, and Sheba is as punctual as if she owned the best Swiss watch. Baba and we all feed her carrots every afternoon which she adores; and at the first sound of Baba's clapping she comes straight for the verandah where He is standing, and is even ready to climb the steps, which of course we don't allow. She responds to her name and call of "Ow, Ow," especially if it is Mehera calling.

Rano says she misses her friendly squabbles with you. What we miss, dear Kitty, is your ready sympathy, encouragement, and enthusiasm at any and all times. I have sent some pictures of Baba to Elinorkit — the ones of Baba with the leper are beautiful.

Much love to you, dear Kitty, from Mehera, Naja, Rano, Goher, Meheru and


LOVE ALONE PREVAILS, pp. 434-435, Kitty Davy
1981 © by Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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